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also today I got a photo op with William Shatner but my roommate’s in it and I don’t wanna post her face without permission but I TOUCHED WILLIAM SHATNER WITH MY BOOB OK IT WAS AWESOME

so today I went to Planet Comicon and rocked a Lucy Stillman cosplay

just thought I’d share

Back into the light

Back into the light

Because this blog is (supposed to be) a place of honesty, I’m going to be honest. It’s been a rough few months. Work has been demanding, and it’s been frustrating, and it’s been full of horrible hang-ups and technological trauma. Despite living with my best friend and working with people who I enjoy the company of, I’ve been hideously lonely. I’ve been terrified of the future and of the present…

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Efficacy and worth

I have this problem – and have always had this problem – where I base my self-worth on what I can accomplish. As I said in my job interviews (and will probably always say, because I’ve gotten feedback that it’s a great line), I work best when I can see…

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How to handle your emotions in three easy steps

This title’s a bit of a misnomer. I’m not going to tell you how to handle your emotions. In fact, to an extent, I’m going to tell you not to handle your emotions. And then how to handle them again. And then how to let them go.

I lied about something else…

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[Written on my Kindle c. 1:00AM]

Losing control of your mind is horrifying.

It happens to everyone sometimes but for discrete periods – you know somewhere that it’s going to come back and that your madness is temporary.

I don’t know how to deal with…

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i know that on tumblr we’re bad at being positive about ourselves so reblog this post with one thing you really like about yourself ok i’ll start

i have ridiculously awesome boobs

your turn!

New Year’s Resolutions: A List

  1. Stop being scared of open windows. They let in light, not the world.
  2. Eat more food. Eat better food. Listen to your body. Don’t sit around in hunger because of laziness. Eat a damn apple.
  3. Commit to something. A book, a blog, an exercise plan, a rubber band ball.
  4. Keep your desk clean. Work smarter. Stay organized.
  5. Make better friends, not more of them. Grow relationships.
  6. Try.
  7. Cry. But only when appropriate.
  8. Breathe deeply at least once a day.
  9. Buy things you want.
  10. But only if you can afford them.
  11. Make the world more beautiful.
  12. Kiss someone who deserves it.
  13. Fight for something you believe in.
  14. Don’t covet. Get.
  15. Don’t pick at things. Not your skin, not your insecurities, not your friends.
  16. Go somewhere new. A coffee shop, a country, it doesn’t matter.
  17. Dress up for no reason. You don’t need a reason to be fancy.
  18. Stop holding grudges. Stop letting grudges hold you.
  19. Say “yes” sometimes.
  20. Plant something and let it grow.
  21. Play. Be silly. Don’t care.
  22. Do things for no good reason. “Because I want to” can be the best reason of all.
  23. Explore the world. Be amazed by bricks and dust bunnies and shafts of sunlight and moss on trees.
  24. Don’t make plans you won’t follow through on. Know your limitations. Know your self-control. Accept them and work with them.
  25. Worry less. Live more.



pacific rim au where in order to save money the PPDC changed the male drivesuits to skimpy armor bikinis

(via bitchdonttouchthestereo)

working in a corporate environment has made me be more creative about my fashion choices than having the freedom to wear whatever i want ever did like dressing conservatively but stylishly is such a valuable life skill thank you so much adulthood for giving me this gift

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